Our website uses a secure data encryption system through an SSL security certificate, which is activated throughout the website. You will be able to check in your browser, in the address bar, how the protocol “http” changes to “https” and a padlock appears on the left that indicates the certifying company “Let’s Encrypt”.

Payment Methods:

– Transferencia bancaria

We have the payment method a bank available to make a transfer or a deposit in our account. You will be able to see our bank account number when placing your order. It is essential to indicate the order number as a concept of income, which you can see reflected both when completing your order and in an email with the order number that you will receive at that time. Keep in mind that transfers issued from different entities can take up to two business days, according to banking regulations. We will send you a notification email once we confirm receipt of the deposit.

TPV Virtual – QuickPay

Más infomación en su página web oficial  https://www.quickpay.net/